Medical and assisted living

Ground Kontrol pride themselves in helping everyone, whatever there circumstances, originating as a family run business we understand how much people will do for their loved ones, medical and assisted living gives us the ability to be beside our loved ones from anywhere in the world as a business we understand life goes on and bills still have to be paid whether a family member or friend needs caring for, our state off the art system and fully qualified technicians allow you to watch over a loved one from your workplace via desktop, smartphone, tablet or laptop, Smart tech Medical and assisted living offers a multitude off options to the customer including, Intercom connection, allowing you to control the intercom from anywhere in the world via your phone, tablet or computer. All Medical and assisted living is control and monitored by our monitoring team as well as you the user through your portable device, further options medical and assisted living use are, Control off door entry, monitoring off CCTV, Control of heating, Control of lighting and Customisable interfaces.