Networks Home and Business

Home networks

Within the last 6 years the UK and Ireland have been involved in technical revolution, nowadays the average household has 18 devices i.e. Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops and Desktops, this essentially means that Homes have to be wired like small offices over the past 35 years our team of engineers have specialised in office and factory networking setting up offices for some off the UK and Irelands biggest and most successful companies, At Ground Kontrol we strive to uncomplicate home networking, we realise the majority of people just want their homes to have a fast, reliable network, at Ground Kontrol we use state off the art  modems, routers, network switches, wireless access points and wireless home automation controllers to ensure that we can deliver the best home network possible a large part off home networking now involves Gaming, television and home audio, at Ground Kontrol we pride ourselves in being market leaders in synchronising home networking with Smart Audio and Visual, our reviews speak for themselves, over the years we have worked on countless homes making their networks more accessible, reliable and user friendly, at Ground Kontrol we are that confident in our own service that we offer a 3 year free call out service, at Ground Kontrol we don’t settle until you are completely satisfied with the service provided.

Business networks

Without a network a business will never expand or grow, As a growing business we are aware the work that is needed for expansion, as businesses receive more trade they need more phone systems, more computers and more technical support in general, In business networking we at Ground Kontrol feel that it’s better to walk the walk as opposed to talking the talk, here is a brief overview off some off the jobs Ground Kontrol has undertaken. Our team of engineers have recently completed a job working on a number of large dental chains, expanding their business network as they plan for a large scale takeover and globalisation, in a recent launch night at Portman dental clinics there CEO stated that Ground Kontrol had without question increased the value off the two clinics in question. Ground Kontrol may be a new face on the market but our technical team and group of engineers have been working on business networks from the dawn of the digital age, 23 years ago our head engineer Ray installed a business network into a local factory, today the factory ships over 300,000 components across the continent annually, this is both a testament to Rays ability as a business network engineer and how local companies working together can expand their business, today this global firm still use Ground Kontrol on a monthly basis, without a network these businesses would have never expanded or grew.