Smart heating and thermal control

Recent research ascertained by one off the UKs leading manufacturers research and development centres estimate that up to 95% off homes in the UK would reduce heat wastage by as much as 50% by installing Smart Heating thermal control to their homes. When it’s warm outside, your building requires less heating, similarly when it’s cold your home requires more heat, conventional systems aren’t very efficient at dealing with this problem. Ground Kontrol s system can, with absolute accuracy we can vary the energy used in heating your house with the external temperature and weather monitors we use. These monitors are specific to each room in your smart home. Our home control systems enable remote access of your heating or air conditioning so you can control the temperature when you’re away from home via your phone or other smart device, turn the heating back on as you board the plane from your holidays or let your system know you’re running late from work and don’t need the schedule to activate at the normal time.